Treasures From Ancient Seas!

Filed under: Roanoke Island by roanokeisland on Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Shark Tooth Creek is coming this summer to the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island! Located in the outdoor courtyard next to the gift shop, the new exhibit gives shark tooth and fossil enthusiasts of all ages a chance to sift through the sands of time in search of treasures to add to their collections.

The “creek” is a 40-foot-long sluiceway of flowing water. Visitors purchase a bucket of sand to slowly pour into their personal sifting tray. As they submerse the tray into the flowing stream, ancient fossils are revealed. Teeth from sharks such as lemon, mako, tiger, bull, cow and snaggletooth are likely finds. Treasure hunters may even unearth part of a tooth from the enormous and extinct Megalodon shark. Other likely fun finds include fossilized corals, shells, sea urchins, clams, sea stars, stingray mouth plates and more. Visitors can compare their finds to photos on the exhibit’s information panels and learn more about their new found treasures.

Shark Tooth Creek is set to be in full swing by early May, just in time for summer. Enjoy sleuthing for sea relics in this exciting, new fossil-hunting adventure!