Shark Tooth Creek Opens Soon

Filed under: Fort Fisher by fortfisher on Monday, April 29th, 2013

Swish, slosh, discover, repeat!

This summer, visitors to the N.C. Aquarium at Fort Fisher get their hands wet, discover amazing facts, and walk away with fossil treasure at the new Shark Tooth Creek.

Opening in May, the exhibit features a sluice similar to those used for gemstone mining in the Appalachian Mountains. Fossil hunters purchase a bucket of sand and work it through a screen sifter in the creek’s flowing waterway. Fossils of all kinds will be revealed-including fish vertebrae, sea stars, stingray mouth plates, corals and more. Shark teeth may be the most popular find, and each bucket contains more than a dozen. The teeth may be from tiger, mako, thresher, blue, sandbar and white sharks. Some lucky sifters might even find a tooth from the extinct Megalodon shark. Recovered fossils may range from thousands to millions of years old.

Shark Tooth Creek offers visitors of all ages the opportunity to purchase a bucket of sifting sand for $10. The sand is provided by a local supplier. Found fossils become yours to keep.

Proceeds from Shark Tooth Creek are collected by the NC Aquarium Society and are used to support Aquarium exhibits and educational programs.