Ancient treasure found in Shark Tooth Creek

Filed under: Roanoke Island by roanokeisland on Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Marcus and Jessica Turner brought their daughter, Maci, to the N.C. Aquarium on Roanoke Island to see the animals and exhibits, especially the new fossil exhibit they heard about recently – Shark Tooth Creek. Little did they know they were about to discover a once-in-a-lifetime treasure.

Shark Tooth Creek features a mining sluice, similar to those used for gemstone mining in the Appalachian Mountains. Water flows through a sluice where visitors work mining sand through a screen sifter.

After touring the Aquarium, the Turners made their way to the Aquarium Gift Shop and purchased a small bucket of sand in hopes of finding ancient treasures. To their delight, their sand revealed a hefty handful of sharks’ teeth, but the find of the day was a megalodon shark tooth about the size of Mr. Turner’s palm. Shark teeth recovered from the exhibit can range from thousands to millions of years old.

Each of the state’s three public Aquariums opened Shark Tooth Creek exhibits this month. The new, fun and family-friendly activity is expected to be extremely popular with visitors, and all finds are theirs to keep.