Wrap-up Halloween, recycle and win

Filed under: Fort Fisher by fortfisher on Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

FF-Candy WrappersAfter the jack-o-lanterns go dark and the last bits of candy eaten, a massive amount of trash remains to remind us of Halloween fun. The N.C. Aquarium at Fort Fisher invites local students to put a little green in their Halloween by collecting used candy wrappers for recycling.

Instead of trashing empty wrappers and filling landfills with extra waste, classes around New Hanover and Brunswick counties are encouraged to save the wrappers. The class delivering the most candy wrappers by weight to the Aquarium by Nov. 22, 2013, will be treated to a free Outreach program including a live animal presentation.

The Aquarium will weigh the collected wrappers, sort according to recycling viability and send the wrappers to a recycling partner, TerraCycle. TerraCycle creates recycling systems for hard-to-recycle waste, turning trash to treasure in the form of new products like park benches, purses and backpacks.

“This wrapper program is part of our ongoing focus on conservation and helps raise money for Aquarium conservation efforts,” said Jennifer Metzler-Fiorino, Education Curator. “Students can collectively take action in a simple way, and begin to think of new ways their communities can make a positive impact on our environment.”

Wrappers will be accepted at the Aquarium from 9 to 5 p.m. Aquarium staff will try to weigh wrappers at the time of drop-off. If, however, this is not possible, an email will be sent to the classroom teacher or contact person documenting the weight.

Please note, the Aquarium welcomes all wrapper contributions during the collection period. The winning outreach program, however, is limited to one program for 30 students in New Hanover or Brunswick counties.

For more information email ncaff.outreach@ncaquariums.com.