Watts Up with power at the Aquarium

Filed under: Pine Knoll Shores by pineknollshores on Friday, August 8th, 2014

w nca-pks diver recDo a good deed for the Aquarium and the Earth at the same time – invest in a REC. That stands for Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). One REC represents 1000 kilowatt hours of power generated from a renewable source such as wind turbines. By buying RECs in the voluntary market, purchasers can support renewable energy projects even if they do not directly use the energy themselves.

Through a program funded by The Ocean Project, the Aquarium is on a quest to acquire 4,000 RECs in 2014. That’s equal to 100 percent of its electricity consumption. Reducing the need for electricity produced by traditional power-producing sources by that amount has the same impact as removing 588 cars from our roadways every year.

Here’s how you can help: Each time you purchase a certified REC through the Aquarium’s Watts Up campaign for yourself, the impact is doubled, as the program matches the purchase with a REC for the Aquarium. Text 4000 to 67076. See more information online and look for the Watts Up display at the Aquarium to find out more.