Dinosaurs Arrive!

Filed under: Roanoke Island by roanokeisland on Wednesday, May 14th, 2014


UPDATE 9/8/14: Tyrannosaurus Trek will not be open today, 9/8/14, due to construction along the trail to remove the dinosaurs tomorrow.

UPDATE 9/2/14: Tyrannosaurus Trek will now run until September 8th! The crew will be here to disassemble the dinosaurs on 9/9/14, so come see them before they go extinct (again).

Dinosaurs for the Aquarium’s new and exciting Tyrannosaurus Trek exhibit were delivered May 6th. An excited staff assisted with unloading and placing the dinosaurs along the nature trail. Standard Aquarium admission provides visitors with dramatic views and sounds of these ancient creatures – 10 in all, including stegosaurus and tyrannosaurus rex – from May 24 through Sept. 1. Visit our Facebook page for updates and information about the May 24 grand opening.