Marine Mammals in the spotlight Nov. 19

Filed under: Pine Knoll Shores by pineknollshores on Sunday, October 16th, 2011

sealExperience hands-on demonstrations of how climate changes affect whales, seals and similar creatures with Flippers and Flukes – Marine Mammals in a Changing Ocean, Nov. 19 at the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores. Find out how warmer temperatures in previously cold regions and increasing carbon dioxide levels imperil many species – and how you can give these animals a brighter future. Activities include:

  • Put on the “blubber” glove to feel how this insulating layer of fat keeps seals, beluga whales and other cold-weather creatures warm in frigid seas, and why it works against them as the water warms.
  • Dissect a simulated seal stomach to see how melting Arctic ice is literally putting young harp seals on the rocks.
  • Explore how baleen whales filter tiny krill and plankton from the water, and learn how changes in ocean chemistry could diminish their food supplies.
  • Experience the GeoDome, an inflatable, interactive, traveling theater, featuring a short film on marine mammals and climate change using real data collected in the field. GeoDome staff facilitate the film, which runs about every 45 minutes throughout the day.

The GeoDome will be in Soundside Hall. The other activity stations will be around the Aquarium and open throughout the day. Activities are free with admission or membership.