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Spot The Dino

Find Spot. Take A Photo. Enter Our Contest.

We have a traveling juvenile tyrannosaurus rex named Spot!
Spot will be visiting different people and places in the community from March through November. 
If you see Spot, take a selfie with the teen t-rex and enter our Dino Might Tour 2018 Contest! You could win family passes to the Aquarium and much more. 

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Design-A-Dino Coloring Contest

Begins: Feb. 19, 2018        Ends: April 1, 2018

We're combining our love for dinosaurs and coloring to bring awareness to endangered species with a Design-A-Dino coloring contest! There are two different contest categories - student and public editions. Two of the many life-sized, animatronic dinosaurs visiting the Aquarium this summer will be painted with the one-of-a-kind markings created by the two winners (one student winner and one public winner).

Submissions for the student edition are limited to school-aged youth, kindergarten to seniors in highschool. Students are asked to color the coelophysis. The public edition is open to all ages. The public is asked to color the suchomimus. All participants are asked to color the dinosaur to look like their favorite endangered animal and are asked to write two to three sentences explaining why they chose the endangered animal they would like to protect. 


Click Here for the Complete Contest Rules  

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