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The Ocean is In Our Hands!

The North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher is a proud partner of the Aquarium Conservation Partnership. Together 19 aquariums across the country are joining forces to address one of the gravest threats to ocean and freshwater animals and their homes— plastic pollution.  

As part of the partnership and through the "In Our Hands" campaign, we are taking action and sharing the importance of a national shift away from single-use plastic. The solution is In Our Hands-all our hands-reduce single-use plastic and choose alternatives instead.

We're walking the walk too - replacing plastic straws with plant-based compostable straws and eliminating plasticware in our snack bar. We've added water-bottle-refilling stations at our water fountains and eliminated plastic bags in our gift shop. We will continue to examine our operations to find alternatives. 

The future of the ocean, lakes and rivers is In Our Hands! 
You can help and do your part!

To learn more, visit

Animal of the month: Luna

An albino Alligator
  • Luna is 12 years old. We celebrate her birthday at the end of May. 
  • The Aquarium team began caring for Luna in 2009.When she arrived, she measured 4.6 feet long and weighed 20 pounds. Now, from nose to tip of her tail, she is 6.6 feet long. She weighs 65.5 pounds.
  • Albino alligators have a low chance of survival in the wild because their lack of skin pigment makes them susceptible to the sun and their coloring makes them easier prey. 
  • It is estimated only 50 albino alligators exist.
  • Luna normally eats a diet of restaurant-quality chicken and fish.
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