Fort Fisher Exhibits

So much to see and do!

Aquarium visitors journey down the Cape Fear River – from freshwater streams and swamps, to coastline habitats, reefs and the open ocean - discovering unique habitats and wildlife from North Carolina and around the world. 

Meet a rare albino alligator named Luna and a rescued bald eagle named Maverick. Get eye-to-eye with a loggerhead sea turtle. Talk to a SCUBA diver swimming with rays and eels. Dig for fossils. Play outside on Adventure Reef. Touch sea stars, horseshoe crabs and even sharks!

Dinosaurs Roar to Life

Step back millions of years and experience "DINOSAURS!" The massive moving beasts spit, roar and wow visitors. A stroll through the Aquarium’s outdoor garden reveals a fearsome T-Rex, a spitting Dilophosaurus and the fearsome-horned Diabloceratops among many other prehistoric creatures. Don't be surprised to see a new generation of toothy terrors hatching, too. This seasonal exhibit is free with Aquarium admission.

Only Through September!

Visitors delight in the beauty and tranquility of hundreds of exotic butterflies. Enter the enclosed garden and experience colorful, winged creatures floating silently by or landing on your shoulder, arms and hands. Immerse yourself in the wonder and beauty. Additional ticketing required; $3 per person. Aquarium admission not required.

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