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Are you looking for new ways to inspire and engage curious minds? Allow the Aquarium to serve as an educational resource for you and your students. 

Baja Island Ecology Educator Program

Deadline extended to Dec. 30.

Formal and Informal Educators Welcome
July 1-10, 2020

Are you a teacher or informal educator? Interested in traveling to Baja, Mexico next summer for professional development? For more information email [email protected] 
To apply for the Ecology Educator Program click here.

The course will run from July 1-10 and will start in San Diego. We will be spending time with WildCoast in San Diego and doing some citizen science with them that first day.

Early the next morning, we will drive across the border, get passport stamps, and start our journey down the peninsula. Along the way to our destination we will watch the landscape change, learn some botany, and visit indigenous cave paintings.

When we make it to our home away from home, the Vermilion Sea Field Station, we will practice snorkeling, learn some fish ID, and explore the bay and its islands. We will encounter blue-footed boobies, sea lions, mangroves, and hopefully see lots of dolphins, sea turtles, whales, and of course whale sharks.

This course has a heavy focus on conservation and we will be collecting data on whale sharks to add to global conservation efforts.

Additionally, we will spend some time doing inquiry and talking about how to bring Baja back to your home organization/classroom. We will head back to San Diego and spend our last night in a hotel before flying out the next day. Flights are made on your own in case you want to get to San Diego early, stay late or already live there!

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