Add some fun with the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher!

Include the Aquarium at your festival or fair. Your guests will enjoy getting their picture taken with our giant inflatable spadefish and enjoy interacting with Aquarium educators.

Interactive games, crafts, live animals and props introduce visitors to North Carolina’s natural world. Topics depend on your interests, location, and are weather dependent.

To request an outreach program use our online request form here or call (910) 458-8257, ext. 236.

Topics include:

FF-boxturtleTurtles             FF-Gator Reptiles       SeaStar_Urchin_anenomeMarine Invertebrates

FF-SpottedSalamander Amphibians     CapeFShoals-SandbarShark  Sharks         Toad Wetland Wildlife


ff-Dolphinface Dolphin and Whales