Participants will get a chance to learn more about these interesting animals through either storytelling or one of our favorite children’s books about reptiles.

Choose from one of the following programs:


Why do we fear these interesting animals? Shed your fears as we read one of our favorite books about these amazing reptiles. Participants will be able to meet several native snakes and learn more about them through fun props and activities.

Turtle Tales

Let our storytellers weave you a tale about how turtle won her hard shell. Afterwards, participants will take a look at the lives of land, freshwater and sea turtles. Learn about turtle behavior, feeding habits, anatomy, and threats to survival during this live animal presentation.

Scaly Survivors

Reptiles have been around since dinosaurs walked the earth, and some of them have changed very little! After reading one of our favorite stories about reptiles, participants will get a chance to meet a few of these fascinating creatures and learn how they have adapted to survive so successfully.

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