Birthday Parties

Enjoy an exciting way to celebrate your child’s special day with a birthday party at the North Carolina Aquarium at Ft. Fisher! Your child’s birthday will include a T-shirt craft with T-shirts and all art supplies included, a live animal presentation, use of the Aquarium’s classroom, and a self guided tour of the Aquarium.

You can choose the following themes for a live animal presentation:

Amphibians – Frogs, toads, salamanders
Reptiles – Turtles, alligators, snakes
Invertebrates – Sea urchins, starfish, crabs

Time Length: 2 hours

Registration Information

Please contact Special Activities Coordinator at 910-772-0530 or via email: to schedule a birthday party for your child. Parties are recommended for ages 4-10.

Can’t make it to the Aquarium? Bring the party to you with an Outreach Birthday Party!