From Shore to Sea

For Cadet and Senior Girl Scouts Grades 7th – 12th

Scouts complete the requirements for a “From the Shore to Sea” patch. Scouts receive an Aquarium patch to recognize their accomplishments in water education.

Minimum number of participants: 10
Maximum number of participants: 25
Program Length: 7 hours

From Shore to Sea Patch Program Agenda

Rocky Outcrop Expedition*

Just north of the Aquarium a rocky outcrop provides habitat for a host of unusual animals. This is the only natural rocky outcrop on the coast of North Carolina. Scouts explore this outcrop at low tide and learn how coquina rock formed.

Behind the Scenes Tour

Scouts learn how Aquarists take care of our animals. This experience provides an opportunity for them to learn about different marine careers in animal care and husbandry.

Salt Marsh Exploration

Scouts observe, collect and identify marsh plants and animals. Activities include seine and/or dip netting. All equipment is provided.

Dune Ecology and Beach Sweep

Scouts explore the beach habitat. Scouts create a sand painting so that they can take a little piece of the beach home with them. While on the beach, Scouts participate in a census of different types of trash as they collect and define what they find.

*The Rocky Outcrop program is tide dependent. In the case that the tide is not low enough during the time of your program we will substitute a live animal program with marine invertebrates.

Please click here to review the Outdoor Exploration Guidelines to be prepared for you trip.

To schedule this program, please contact the Special Activities Coordinator at 910-458-8257 x 206.