Water Wonders

For Junior Girl Scouts Grades 4th -6th

Scouts receive an Aquarium patch to recognize their accomplishments in water education.

Minimum number of participants: 10
Maximum number of participants: 25
Program Length: 7 hours

Water Wonders Patch Program Agenda

Salt Marsh and Crabbing

Scouts observe, collect and identify marsh plants and animals. Activities include attempting to catch blue crabs, seine and/or dip netting. All equipment is provided.

Water Testing and Plankton Observation

Scouts test water samples taken on the way to, and in, the salt marsh for pH and salinity; they also observe any plankton collected on their excursion under a microscope.

Water Cycle

An instructor reviews the process of the water cycle with Scouts. Following review, Scouts play the water molecule journey game, where they become “water molecules” and create a colorful necklace to signify their journey.

Self Guided Tour

After an intense day of guided activities, Scouts have the opportunity to explore the Aquarium on their own.

Please click here to review the Outdoor Exploration Guidelines to be prepared for you trip.

To schedule this program, please contact the Special Activities Coordinator at 910-458-8257 x 206.