Corporate Events

We can accommodate groups up to 2,000 for anything from a seated dinner to a festive, strolling buffet. Your need for a theatre-style auditorium or conference room with state of the art media equipment can be met as well. Numerous options for set up are available and you can enjoy any of our venues depending on your corporate needs. For a relaxing, educational and a much talked about event location, your business will sparkle with an event at the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher.

Entire Aquarium

The Aquarium allows for rental of the Entire Aquarium with use of diverse rooms. Imagine the flexibility of your guests being able to stroll the exhibits during your special event. The Entire Aquarium includes the magnificent Upper Mezzanine and Lower Cape Fear Shoals Exhibit, the enchanting Cape Fear Conservatory, the mysterious Exotic Aquatics Gallery and the fun of a tropical deck and garden.

Capacity: 350 Seated or 2000 Strolling

Upper Mezzanine and Lower Cape Fear Shoals

Our most popular option combines the upper and lower level Cape Fear Shoals Exhibit. You may choose to utilize the upper level for an exhibition area, meeting, or cocktails and proceed to the lower level for dining or allow guests to enjoy the deck and wander the magnificent gardens.

Your event can be designed to custom fit your corporate needs.

Capacity: 350 Seated or 1800 Strolling

Cape Fear Conservatory/Lobby

The Cape Fear Conservatory features the flora and fauna found in the Cape Fear River Basin. Nearly ¾ of an acre, the Conservatory’s glass roof, sloping brick walkways and low-level lighting make an enchanting setting for corporate parties, product launches, or other events. This option is especially nice in the fall and spring months.

Capacity: 200 Strolling or 60 Seated in Lobby

Exotic Aquatics Gallery, Deck and Garden

The Exotic Aquatics Gallery, Deck and Garden contains the Pacific reef exhibit with live coral, vibrant Hawaiian fishes, gigantic lobsters, poison dart frogs, lionfish and much more.

This space is designed for smaller groups and provides access to the lovely deck and garden area.

Capacity: 70 Seated
(Additional 72 Outside-Weather Permitting)


The Auditorium is the perfect setting for a daytime or evening conference, meeting, show, or multimedia presentation while being able to take breaks to view the relaxing exhibits. It is fully equipped with a floor-to-ceiling projection screen, presentation software, LCD and 35 mm projector, DVD player, VCR, wireless microphones and surround sound audio.

Capacity: 125 Seated

Conference Room

The Conference Room is an ideal location for a small daytime business meeting, roundtable discussion or rent the space to get out of your office to conduct long-range plans. It is equipped with screen and projector capability.

Capacity: 16 Seated

Oceans Classroom

The Oceans Classroom is great for a daytime planning retreat, conference, or meeting while being able to take breaks to view the Aquarium’s exhibits. It is equipped with screen and projector capability.

Capacity: 40 Seated

Crystal Spadefish

Need additional decorations? Integrate the Aquarium’s theme by utilizing our Crystal Spadefish Centerpiece at your event. Ask for details when booking.