“Matt and I could not be any happier regarding how the wedding and reception went at the Aquarium!  The night truly exceeded our expectations.  Thank you so much for everything that you did!  Your organizational and planning skills are certainly unmatched.”

- Golden and Lindberg, Wedding and Reception

“Personally I enjoy the Cape Fear Conservatory. The conference attendees were in aw at the opportunity of having dinner while watching the fish. We had a delegation of five nations present and thirty-eight states and this event highlighted the best North Carolina has to offer.”

- Travis Casper – NC Wildlife Resources Commissioner.

“Thanks!!! I hear nothing but wonderful things about our reception there. People really loved it!”

“My cousin is getting married next year – she was at my wedding and loved the reception there.”

- Amy Cotter Stephenson, Wedding Reception

“Everyone loved it!! Several people told us it was the best wedding they’d been to. There was so much for everyone to do and see that all ages had tons of fun. The exotic location for a reception gave us an opportunity to provide our guests with a special and unique experience.”

- Puckett and Stewart, Wedding Reception

“Comes ‘pre-decorated,’ lots of room, close proximity to ceremony site and back-up plan”

- Chappell and Rhodes, Wedding Reception

The event coordinator – “She was great to work with and very organized and detailed about things I never thought about.”

- Johnson and Wescott, Wedding Reception

“It is a great place to meet, hope we can use the facility again.”

- Well Care-Recognition & Celebration Event

“Absolutely! Everything was wonderful. I could not have chosen a more beautiful location for our party.”

- D’Lugin Bat Mitzvah