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You can help save animals in the wild by doing simple things in your own home.


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You can help Save ANimals

simple actions can help in a big way

What action can I do?

This month you can help animals by not using a plastic straw. Skip the straw!  

Why should I help?

Each year, more than 100,000 animals die from eating plastic. That's because plastic straws can look like an animal's food source. Everyday, we use 500,000,000 plastic straws (that's enough to fill up 46,000 school busses every year)! A lot of these straws make their way to the ocean. More than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into the oceans each year (that's as heavy as 8 million African elephants). 

how can I help?
  • You can take the OneLess Straw Pledge. Tell your friends and family too!
  • Bring a reusable straw with you when you visit your favorite restaurant!
  • Pick up trash! Join a beach cleanup or start your own trash pick up!
Caretta's Challenge!

Caretta Loggerhead is a sea turtle that loves when people help animals, the earth and each other.
She has a bunch of ideas, suggestions, and challenges for you!
Skip The Straw is this month's challenge.
Check back next month for a new challenge.


Meet Our Animal of the Month: Eno

A North American River otter
  • Eno just turned 9-years-old at the end of March. He was brought to the Aquarium in the spring of 2008 when he was a month old, after his mother was killed by a car. Aquarium staff cared for the orphaned infant round-the-clock, and taught him how to swim and eat fish.
  • Eno currently weights about 18 pounds. The otters weight changes throughout the year. Even though he is the youngest, he is the largest. Eno is almost 4 feet long. 
  • Eno, along with the two older river otters Pungo and Neuse,  are named for North Carolina rivers. Eno is the only one out of the three that likes to float on his back, holding food in his paws like a sea otter.
  • Otters are known for being fun-loving even as adults. Eno’s youthful energy sometimes still sets him apart from Neuse and Pungo. While all three otters take naps together, sometimes Eno will frolick in the pool alone while the other two otters nap.
  • Eno enjoys eating fish, carrots, celery, and other crunhy vegatables. On his birthday, the otters got a "birthday cake" made of frozen fish and vegtables with icing made of clam and shrimp. 
  • Baby Eno
  • Baby Eno learning to swim
  • Baby Eno being bottle fed
  • Eno in the otter habitat
  • Eno swimming
  • Eno swimming
  • Birthday cake for Eno, Neuse and Pungo
  • Eno floats on his back


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