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The Ocean is In Our Hands!

The NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores is proud to have joined 19 aquariums across the country to launch the In Our Hands campaign.
The campaign's initiative is to remind everyone to reduce single-use plastic and choose alternatives instead.
We're walking the walk too - replacing plastic straws with paper straws in our snack bars and adding water bottle refilling stations next to our water fountains.

The future of the ocean and lakes and rivers is In Our Hands!
You can help and do your part!
To learn more, visit


Meet Our Animal of the Month: Ray and Charlie

American Brown pelicans
  • The two brown pelicans in our care, that we call Charlie and Ray, are both female. They both have conditions that make it impossible to survive on their own in the wild.
  • The brown pelican is a great example of an endangered species recovery success story. In the early 1960s and 1970s brown pelicans nearly vanished. A pesticide that was widely used was making pelican egg shells very thin. Pelicans incubate their eggs by using their feet to keep the eggs warm - and the thinned shells were breaking under the weight. By regulating the use of the DDT pesticide, the brown pelican has made a full recovery.
  • Brown pelicans can spot fish from as high as 60-70 feet in the air. They plunge-dive into the water headfirst, stunning the fish. The pelican drains all the water out of its pouch before swallowing its prey.  
  • The pelicans pouch acts as a cooling mechanism during warmer weather and can hold three times more than its stomach - up to three gallons. There are air sacks beneath the pelican's skin that cushion the bird's dive into the water.
  • a pelican enjoys a cooling water shower
  • adult brown pelicans are grey brown with yellow heads and white necks
  • A pelican enjoys a cooling water shower
  • Aquarium Aquarist works with Charlie and Ray on enrichment
  • Working with pelicans on enrichment
  • A Brown Pelican also known as the American Brown Pelican
  • Ray and Charlie are two female pelicans cared for at the Aquarium

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