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Catchin' Up

'Bigger than a butterbean' To get away from the computer Monday morning, I walked out to the end of the pier and hung out with fishermen Ed of Newbern and Chris of Chesapeake. Under deep blue skies, these two old salts and the rest of the gang were busy working red and white, orange and white and hot pink and yellow “Electric Chicken” Got – Cha plugs through the emerald green ocean. Then, someone hooked, fought and landed a nice-sized bluefish. Others were... Read More
Posted by Daryl Law at Monday, May 22, 2017

March Fishing Forecast

Fishing improves this month beginning with the likely return of Northern puffers. These small to medium-sized fish puff up with air when they’re caught and reeled in. Prized for their meat by some anglers, they are often called blowfish or blow toads. The Northern puffer is not deadly poisonous like its tropical counterparts and has been consumed by humans for many years. Puffers typically represent the start of a long march of returning species such as shad, sea mullet, blues, gray... Read More
Posted by Daryl Law at Saturday, February 25, 2017

Kiss and Release

Shad bite signals spring should arrive soon A school of SHAD made its appearance in the shallow waters near the surf zone Feb. 7. Off-duty Pier maintenance worker, Sammy Thornton, caught and released a handful of the hard-fighting fish he calls “baby TARPON.” He also caught a PUPPY DRUM. Over the five years that the Pier has been reopened, the SHAD have been the first to show up each year and they mark the beginning of the parade: BLUEFISH, NORTHERN PUFFERS, SEA MULLET... Read More
Posted by Daryl Law at Wednesday, February 8, 2017

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