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'Bigger than a butterbean'

To get away from the computer Monday morning, I walked out to the end of the pier and hung out with fishermen Ed of Newbern and Chris of Chesapeake.

Under deep blue skies, these two old salts and the rest of the gang were busy working red and white, orange and white and hot pink and yellow “Electric Chicken” Got – Cha plugs through the emerald green ocean. Then, someone hooked, fought and landed a nice-sized bluefish. Others were targeting Spanish mackerel. Two waited for cobia with live baits suspended at the surface.

Ed spoke up about fishing, coaching and boating adventures. He told a funny story about a friend, Dave Chapel of Maysville who liked to keep and eat everything he caught on hook and line.

“As long as it was bigger than a butterbean,” Ed said about Dave. “He believed in catch and eat, not catch and release … he ate everything and he did eat them.

“If it was that big [uses his hands], it could be cleaned and eaten, ‘if it was bigger than a butterbean,’” Ed said Dave said and then he laughed.

“He’s a heck of a fisherman, rabbit hunter, deer hunter, and he’s scared to death of snakes,” Ed said.

A long story about a day with Dave and a snake slithers on; eventually Chris joins us with his own snake story. His was interesting too and ended with a punch line and laughs – the joke was on me.

Now, all of sudden I feel great and I’m not thinking about emails, meetings or budgets. Someone yells out, “A turtle, a turtle!” and a small sea turtle swims at the surface for a seconds before diving down out of sight. Two more were spotted shortly after that. Ed and Chris continue to fling their Got-Cha plugs due south.

Jigging under handed, we’re all looking down the 25 to 28 feet or so from eye level on the pier to sea surface. Then, all of sudden, there’s two big fish tracing the pier. “Sharks, no wait, dolphins, no wait; cobia! Two cobia!” I yell.

Chris grabs his cobia sight casting rod with a bucktail and pitches it right in front of the two cobia who had already made their way around to the end of the pier. One of the cobia turned and looked like it was going to strike but didn’t.

In a flash, they were gone.

Although no one hooked up, one thing is for sure, these two fish were each bigger than a butterbean.

Posted by Daryl Law at 12:00 PM

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