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Shad bite signals spring should arrive soon

A school of SHAD made its appearance in the shallow waters near the surf zone Feb. 7. Off-duty Pier maintenance worker, Sammy Thornton, caught and released a handful of the hard-fighting fish he calls “baby TARPON.” He also caught a PUPPY DRUM.

Over the five years that the Pier has been reopened, the SHAD have been the first to show up each year and they mark the beginning of the parade: BLUEFISH, NORTHERN PUFFERS, SEA MULLET … and so on.

Does this mean fishing will start back up sooner this year than last? Has it already begun? Sammy thinks maybe the fish know something we don’t. One thing is for certain, the PUPPY DRUM have continued to bite from fall into winter and, now, perhaps into spring.

Reports from Buxton claim anglers are catching BLACK DRUM, PUFFERS and SEA MULLET. So, while fishing is slow up on the north beaches, consider heading down to Cape Hatteras to fish around the point or just north at the jetties.

Otherwise, keep your fingers crossed for an early spring. Remember, at Jennette’s Pier, fishin’ is catchin.’

Posted by Daryl Law at 11:00 AM

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