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where fishin' is catchin'

Anglers can experience some of the best fishing on the East Coast from this 1,000 - foot long, concrete pier that reaches out over the Atlantic Ocean. Depending on the time of year, fishermen can target a wide variety of fish including black drum, bluefish, cobia, croaker, dolphin (mahi mahi), flounder, gray trout, king mackerel, pinfish, pigfish, pompano, puffers, rays, red drum, sheepshead, spadefish, Spanish mackerel, speckled trout, skate, spot and additional species.

There is plenty of room for different types of angling too. Bottom fishing, jigging and pin-rig fishing are all permitted. Pin-rig fishing is only allowed on the end of the pier and requires an additional fee. Click here for Pin-Rig Rules.

fishing and walk - on fees

Daily Fishing: Adult $12   Child $6
Walk-on: Adults $2 Child $1
N. C. Aquarium Society members Walk-on free.
Pin-rig $20   Child $14

Rod Rentals $10
(plus tax / child age 12 and under)


Multi-day passes

Three-day pass: $30  Seven-day pass: $65
Annual pass: $275  Two-adult annual pass: $400
(age 12 and under half price on all passes listed above)
Pin-rig anglers $8 a day or season pass $125
Anglers have seven days from the date of purchase to use their three-day pass and one month to use their seven day pass.

Programs and Fees

bait, license, rod rentals

Bait, tackle, ice, soft drinks and snacks are available for sale in the pier house. Jennette's Pier maintains a blanket license to cover all fishing from the pier. Rent a rod and reel combo for $10 a day. Valid driver's license required.
Frozen squid $4 (box)
Frozen finger mullet $5 (dozen)
Frozen shrimp $6 (small tub)
Live blood worms $11 (bag of 10)
Various FishBites, lures and ready-rigs available

keep it clean

In order to protect our heritage and the tradition of fishing, please keep only the fish you plan to eat and release the rest, including skates, rays and sharks. If you need help releasing one of these animals, you may request assistance from Jennette's staff. While on the Pier, be sure to recycle drink cans and plastic bottles along with additional recyclables, so they don't end up in the ocean. Please refrain from bring glass bottles to the Pier.

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