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VIRTUAL School Programs

Are you a teacher in need of a virtual program for your classroom? Take a virtual field trip to Jennette’s Pier and participate in any of the following programs through Zoom! We can accommodate both students in the classroom (*) and students from their homes (**). Each 45-minute program will be guided by a Jennette’s Pier educator to keep your students engaged. One program for $100 or two for $150 plus program kit shipping.

Virtual Field Trip Lessons:

* ** Beach Explorations: Travel to the beach virtually! Our educators will show beach biofacts such as shells, bones, and skulls to teach your kids about the organisms we have on the coast of North Carolina. Classrooms will receive a beach kit full of shells!

*  ** Plankton Investigations: Students learn about scientific instruments and discover the microscopic organisms that are vital to the marine food chain. Students will be able to see on a screen what a scientist sees through a microscope. If microscopes are available in your classroom we can mail a sample to your school.

*Wonders of WindIn this program you will explore how we use the wind to harness power. We will talk about the importance of renewable energy and learn how we create electricity. Classrooms will receive an activity kit that will include supplies to build your own wind powered device.

*Solar Science: Discover and discuss solar power as an energy resource. Students design, build, and evaluate a solar powered boat and discover how solar panels maximize efficiency. Students will race their boats outside as a final test of their success.

*Ocean Currents:  Students discover how convection currents work and why they are important in a marine ecosystem. The program includes a lab where students learn about density and why this is an important factor that drives currents. You will receive a classroom kit with all the supplies needed to conduct the experiment. 

Contact Christin Brown at [email protected] to register for a virtual field trip!

VIRTUAL Public Programs

Are you a parent in need of a fun virtual program for the kids at home? Sign up for a virtual public program! Jennette’s Pier educators will keep your kids engaged and learning from anywhere!

Food Web Fun:

Take a “dive” under Jennette’s Pier and learn about the food web. Discover who eats who and meet some interesting creatures. You will also complete a craft and learn how to make your very own origami fish. *You will need to bring a couple of pieces of paper (prefer construction paper), scissors and a crayon. Offered each Tuesday from 1 – 1:40 p.m. for $10/person.

Plankton party:

Come catch Plankton with us! In this program you will learn all about plankton and how they are important. We will virtually take you out onto Jennette's Pier to collect these living organisms from the Atlantic Ocean. Once caught, we will look under a microscope to see what we can find! Offered each Thursday from 1 – 1:40 p.m. for $10/person.

Click link to register for Food Web Fun and Plankton Party!

Virtual Aquarium Adventures:

Find your sense of adventure as you virtually travel to each of the four North Carolina Aquariums sites! Enhance your school year with interactive science-based lessons, creative crafts, STEM activities, and more virtual learning experiences. Registration will include a mailed program kit and virtual visit each Wednesday in October from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. – one day at each of Fort Fisher, Pine Knoll Shores, Roanoke Island, and Jennette’s Pier. At each location students will learn about coastal habitats and how to protect them, visit Aquarium exhibits, and meet a few animal ambassadors along the way! Student opportunities will be limited to 15 screens per age bracket and will be divided into Grades K-2, Grades 3-5, and Grades 6 - 8. This four-day program’s cost is $90, and additional kits can be purchased for $30 each. Please visit the following link to register.

To request a virtual field trip or for further questions contact:

Christin Brown [email protected]  (252) 255-1501 x207
Meredith Fish [email protected]  (252) 255-1501 x212

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