Outreach Program Fan Mail

Outreach Program Fan Mail
Want to see what our participants have to say about our programs?

From students:
The amphibian observation was my favorite part of your visit-Scout
Now I know that some amphibians camouflage to protect themselves-Cassidy O

The find your mate sound game was fun to play-Elizabeth

My grandmother had a good time listening to your talk-Grayson

The frog sounds we listened to were awesome!-Aaron

The frog story was super!-Cecilia

I liked looking at the small fish and water strider you found in the swamp-Jia

I never knew that frogs make different sounds until you told me–Max

From teachers:
“Thanks for the great program. The kids loved it! They are still talking about the story you told them.” -Anne and Alice, 1st grade teachers, Spring 2009

“The presentation kept the students completely engaged while providing an excellent learning experience.”-Jenny, 1st grade teacher, Spring 2009

“You have a real “2nd sense” about the best way to present material to children and keep them totally engaged!!”-Nancy, 2nd grade teacher, Spring 2009

“Your presentation was great as always! Thank you again so much!” Cathy, 3rd grade teacher, Spring 2011
“This was an awesome experience for the class!” Molly, 3rd grade teacher, Spring 2011

“Lots of hands-on student involvement. The student booklets kept students focused and on task.”-Nancy, 5th grade teacher, Spring 2009

“It fit perfectly in our curriculum. Well-planned, engaging, AWESOME JOB!”-Kristina, 5th grade teacher, Fall 2010

From librarians:
“We truly enjoyed your visit to Wayne County Public Library last year.” Nicolle, summer 2010

“You were our best program of the summer!” –Cindy, Ahoskie, summer 2010

“It is always a pleasure working with you, you make learning fun and your professionalism is such a plus. I never have to worry about you getting here on time or if you will have what you need. I look forward to the next programs we line up!” -Julia, Manteo, summer 2010

“We can’t say THANK YOU enough to Rhana Paris for the fabulous programs in Western North Carolina last week! Thanks for exposing our children to things they may not have ever seen otherwise!”-Margot, summer 2010

“The staff and audience were thrilled by your visit! You and your volunteer were very professional. You’re very engaging as an educator and performer. I heard compliments after compliment from the audience on your ability to teach while keeping the children involved. The costumes are precious. The kids learned a lot and so did the adults!

Everyone was impressed by the hands-on part of the program as well. The take home prizes including the Dr. Seuss book, bookmark and coloring sheet were an additional bonus. Lots of books on shells, fish and aquatic animals were checked out by the public after the program.
Thanks for providing a first-rate educational and entertaining program at an affordable cost to libraries! Martin Memorial Library will certainly want to have you back in the future!” -Heather, summer 2010

“The Ahoskie Public Library hosted a visit from the NC aquarium on Roanoke Island yesterday at Bearfield Primary School. We had 202 people attend…the largest Summer Reading crowd ever for us! The ladies from the Aquarium were the most amazing people I have ever seen! They handled everything with ease! There was no room to move and it was hot, hot, hot! But every child that wanted to, was able to touch a live sea creature and take home information about the aquarium, bookmarks and some other fun stuff. It was very informative and educational…I learned things I didn’t even know! And it was so much fun!! The kids loved it! Rhana and Jane did an outstanding job setting up, presenting the information and keeping control of several hundred eager excited children as they explore touch tanks!

I would not hesitate to have them back! The program was very reasonably priced and more than worth every penny! By sharing the program with another library our cost was even less! I highly recommend this program to any school or library.” -Cindy, summer 2010

“Just wanted to reaffirm that Thursday’s attendance was record-breaking at 390 and extend thanks again to you, Liz, and “critters” for such a wonderful program. You were troopers-with such enthusiasm & patience! Thanks so much for making the “biggest splash” at Gaston County Public Library this summer!”-Cindy, summer 2010

From other organizations:

“We so appreciate you bringing your fabulous Touch Tank Animals to our Vacation Bible School program on June 15th. . . the opportunity to see them up close, and learn about their special characteristics, needs and care was absolutely priceless! You are an incredible presenter and crowd control manager!” -Maggie, vacation bible school coordinator, summer 2010

“Your program was fantastic!”-Debbie, Soil and Water Conservation District coordinator, fall 2009