Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium Scholars Pricing Info

Aquarium Visit
  • Admission for North Carolina school students and staff is free.
  • Adult chaperones and parents pay a discounted rate of $6.00.
  • You can elect to have a program in addition to your self-guided tour, click here for program descriptions.
  • Indoor activities such as auditorium programs, labs and guided tours are available.
  • Outdoor programs such as saltmarsh, beach explorations and paddle trips are abailable as well.

Total price would be the # of additional parents (not designated as chaperones) * 6.00 + any program fees


Click here for outreach descriptions

  • SMALL GROUPS: For 30 participants or fewer. $100 for the first small-group program, $50 for each repeated small-group program. 
  • LARGE GROUPS: For 31 to 150 participants. $200 for the first large-group program, $100 for each repeated large-group program.
  • Travel free is $0.75/mile roundtrip for any outreaches outside of Carteret county.
  • Additional fees possible for overnight travel or extra instructors.

Total would be (program fee * number of programs) + travel fee

Distance Learning
  • $125 for 45 minutes (programs are 45 minutes long).

Total would be # of programs *$125.00

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