Pine Knoll Shores Special Events

Bird's Eye View: Free-Flight Bird Show

Starting May 27

Starting May 27, flock to the Big Rock Theater to get a close look at some impressive birds. The show highlights the unique features of owls, pelicans, vultures and other species. The audience enjoys extraordinary close encounters with these engaging creatures. Event is free with admission or membership. Check back later for program times. 

World Oceans Day

Wednesday, June 8

Dive into oceans of inspiration on World Oceans Day, an international observance to promote ocean conservation. Answer the annual call to celebrate ocean conservation with themed crafts and activities. This year the theme is “Turn The Tide.” We will celebrate the wonders of our beautiful blue planet and share easy ways we can all help make a difference. We will have hands on ocean themed activities and crafts for the whole family to enjoy.

We will be focusing on plastic pollution prevention, the impacts of marine debris on marine life and everday ways everyone can make a difference. Learn how long it takes plastics to degrade through an interactive activity, find out how baleen whales eat, pin the jellyfish dinner to the sea turtle, challenge your family to a bean bag toss, and make a cool craft to take home.

Click here to learn more about World Oceans Day

Night of Mystery

July 13: registration required

We’re hosting a special mystery theater event specifically for families with children. The special four-hour event is designed for ages 8 and up. Youngsters and their parents will enjoy dinner and a mystery theater performance that is G-rated. Do you have children that are not old enough to attend the performance? We’re providing supervision and activities for children ages 4 to 7 who are too young for the performance. Tickets for the mystery performance are limited as is the availability of supervision for younger children, so register quickly. 

Mystery Night Event: $28.95 for non members; $26.95 for members
Child Care: $25 for non members; $22.50 for members

Register Here


New Art Show: "Pulse - Water and our World"

(now through June)


The Spadefish Gallery features a new art exhibit of  black and white photography by Mike Basher. Delicate, tranquil, simplicity have all been used describe Basher's photography collection of outdoor scenes. 

Basher's collection of large format, black and white photogaphs, is titled PULSE and focuses on how water shapes the world. You can get more information about the artist by visiting the artist's website

The Aquarium regularly exhibits unique art, and shows change quarterly.  "PULSE" will be on display until the end of June and is free with admission or membership. 

Click Here to Visit the Artist's Website

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