Amphibians featured in On the Edge exhibit

Tune in to the croaks and calls of native toads and frogs in On the Edge, a new exhibit at the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores. In an amphibian version of caller ID, a touch-screen activates the distinct sounds made by several species of these familiar backyard bug-eaters. On the Edge, in the Piedmont Gallery, also features salamanders, newts and other amphibians and their habitats.

Get to know these creatures and find out how you can help abate the threats — pollution, habitat loss and disease –  that imperil even seemingly abundant  species. North Carolina has one of the most diverse populations of amphibians in North America.

Amphibians include a large group of animals that live in or near water and play critical roles in their ecosystems. They keep insect populations in check, and provide food sources for many other animals in and around ponds, streams and rivers.

Amphibians also serve as early indicators of ecosystem health. Amphibians essentially breathe through their skin, so pollution in their home waters affects them first.

A world-wide effort to create awareness of the amphibian crisis already is having a positive impact. Everyone can help amphibians by simply becoming aware of where they live, preserving their habitats and keeping pollution, fertilizer and pesticide run-off from entering our streams and rivers.

Find out more when you visit On the Edge, free with admission or membership.