Calendar of Events

See What’s New for more on these events. Also see daily programs free with admission, and tours and adventures available for additional fees.

Get Outside and Play!
Thursdays through Aug. 6

Family fun spills outdoors this summer at the Aquarium. Enjoy animal encounters and creature features outside on the Marsh Boardwalk, and more activities at the new TREE-mendous Nature Play Area, every Thursday throughout the summer under the theme, Get Outside and Play! These activities are free with admission.

Shark Week
July 25-Aug. 1
Seven days of toothy times spotlight the mysterious and misunderstood world of sharks. Enjoy shark-themed programs, feedings, activities and crafts.

International Owl Awareness Day
Aug. 4
Wise up about owls! Presentations, programs and activities focus on various owl species and their special talents.

 Sea Turtle Celebration
Aug. 13
Activities, exhibits and programs focus on sea turtles, including how beachgoers can help tiny turtle hatchlings make it from their sandy nests to the sea. The event includes a birthday salute to Nimbus, the Aquarium’s rare white sea turtle.

International Vulture Awareness Day
Sept. 5
Celebrate the virtues of vultures during this world-wide salute to the good work these birds do, and the threats they face.