Programs & Activities

Choose from a variety of fun and educational programs and activities while touring the Aquarium or to add adventure to your visit.

Free programs: Talk to divers in the 306,000-gallon Living Shipwreck, watch what happens at feeding time in various exhibits and touch a sea turtle, horseshoe crab or other creature in a live-animal program any day you visit. These three programs can be enjoyed every morning and afternoon. Check the schedule for when the otters come out to play and other free programs that vary by day and season.

Tours and adventures: For a small extra fee, see what’s on the other side of the exhibits with a behind-the-scenes tour or enjoy other special experiences around the Aquarium. In spring, summer and fall, enjoy kayaking and other outdoor activities.

The Aquarium also offers special programs for Scout troops and school groups. If you can’t bring your class or group to the Aquarium, our sea turtles, horseshoe crabs and other critters can hit the road in our traveling Outreach programs.

Invite an alligator or other special guest to your child’s birthday party at the Aquarium. Or let your kids bunk down for the night in view of a sunken submarine and 400-pound sharks as they Sleep with the Fishes.”