Oceanography Merit Badge

Program length: 4 hours, 15 minutes
Cost per Scout: $12
Cost per Chaperone: $8
Minimum number of participants: 10
Maximum number of participants: 25

Orientation – 15 minutes
We take a moment to introduce your group to the instructor that will be conducting your program and to review the agenda.

Oceanography Discussion – 45 minutes
The instructor goes over the basics of oceanography. Scouts are given a worksheet to help guide them through the discussion.

Marine Careers Discussion – 1 hour
The instructor talks briefly about marine careers and educational backgrounds. Then the scouts reenact many marine occupational opportunities in the classroom, in our exhibits and behind the scenes. Scouts even get an opportunity to man a ROV (remotely operated vehicle)!

Water Wonders – 3 hours
This hands-on program combines laboratory activities with field explorations. Lab activities include water quality testing (pH and salinity) and microscopic studies of live fresh or saltwater animals. Field activities include a guided tour of the Roosevelt Natural Area, where participants explore salt marsh plant communities and sample the waters for marsh inhabitants.

*Program start times can be adjusted to fit your group’s needs.

The Aquarium does not issue a badge for this program.