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Aquarium Honors Volunteers


The Aquarium recently singled out six volunteers for outstanding contributions to the Aquarium’s education and conservation mission.


Ann Lenweaver of Atlantic Beach received the “Distinguished Volunteer Service Award” for 2008 at the annual volunteer appreciation dinner. The “2008 Order of the Octopus Award” was given to Kay Lewis of Beaufort and Kay Howe of Pine Knoll Shores for their dedicated service in a variety of volunteer positions. Peggy and Milton Langston of New Bern received the “2008 Order of the Spadefish Award” for excellence in customer service. The “2008 You Rock Junior Volunteer Award” was given to Megan Roberts of Climax.


The dinner and awards ceremony paid tribute to more than 150 volunteers who lend their time, services and enthusiasm to the Aquarium’s daily operations.


Volunteers greet visitors as they enter the Aquarium, provide information and serve as interpreters at exhibits. A small group of volunteers also assists the Aquarium’s Dive Team and helps during Live Dive educational programs.

Additional awards included:


“Dedicated Volunteer Service Award” – Jennifer Chamberlain of Morehead City, Sally Parks of Newport, Tom Lenweaver of Atlantic Beach, Dorothy Steenland of Pine Knoll Shores, Kathy Foy of Pine Knoll Shores, Andy McGuckin of Morehead City, Beverly Clapsadl of Morehead City, Linda Davies of Emerald Isle, Deana Schulte of Havelock, Bill Johnston of Pine Knoll Shores, Paul Mason of Salter Path, Rita Ellington of Newport, Sheryl Woodbury of Atlantic Beach, Kristen Piner of Marshallberg, Samantha Hollister of Newport and Malcolm Bone of Pine Knoll Shores.


“Excellence in Teaching Award” – Grace Ewen of Emerald Isle, Maryann Molnar of Emerald Isle and Maria Hickox of Emerald Isle.


“Certificates of Appreciation” – Clark and Martha Edwards of Pine Knoll Shores, John Kutzer of Pine Knoll Shores, Greg and Polly Premo of Morehead City, Janet Seawell of Indian Beach, Jerry Price of Pine Knoll Shores, Kathleen Lindsey of Morehead City, Margaret Parham of Emerald Isle, Mario Ferris of Morehead City, Mindy Furrer of Salter Path, Mort Henson of New Bern, Patty Joyner of Atlantic Beach, Ray Derr of New Bern, Steve Sturdevant of Emerald Isle, Webb McDiffitt of Morehead City, Terry Griffin of Atlantic Beach, Cora Faison of Fayetteville, Patrick Hernandez of Emerald Isle, Luis Urrutria of Midway Park, Joyce Thorpe of New Bern and Barb Norris of Salter Path.


“Super Sub Award” – Jan Corsello of Pine Knoll Shores, Kevin Geraghty of Emerald Isle, Barbara Prutzman of Pine Knoll Shores and Linda Stanley of Beaufort.


“Diving – Certificates of Appreciation” - Gregg Macaulay of New Bern, Melissa Poag of Morehead City, Doug Berry of Swansboro, Ann Lenweaver of Atlantic Beach, Walt Whitt of New Bern, Bud Pitzer of Pine Knoll Shores, Bob Venema of New Bern, John Fifer of Havelock, Alex Houston of Beaufort, Phillip Henry of Morehead City, Patrick Noe of Morehead City, Shannon Henry of Morehead City, Allan Lloyd of Morehead City, David Osborne of Cape Carteret, Stephanie Braswell of Beaufort and Erin Aldridge of Newport.


“Volunteers share their love of the ocean and all aquatic life with the thousands of visitors who pass through our doors each year,” said Volunteer Coordinator Chris Carlin. “Thanks to the dedication of our volunteers, Aquarium guests enjoy a ‘hands-on’ learning experience, where they can ask questions and share their personal experiences of the animals and habitats showcased in the Aquarium.”


The Aquarium currently has many more volunteer positions open. Volunteers often work at the Skate and Ray Encounters exhibit, the Tidal Touch Pool, Discovery Carts and the popular River Otters exhibit. Experience or knowledge in marine science or education is not required. All volunteers receive regular training in conservation education, animal handling, marine biology and customer service.