Privacy Policy

Donor Privacy Policy
March 2010

What Information We Collect

The North Carolina Aquarium Society (Society) collects and uses various kinds of information from persons and organizations donating to the Aquariums (donors). These may include: amount donated, name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, donor comments and photographs. Tax laws in the United States and the State of North Carolina require the Society to keep contact information and contribution level of donors on file.

How We Use That Information

The Society does not copy, reproduce, publish, post, distribute, share or sell the name, personal contact information or description of donations or donors to any outside individual or business, nor will the Society send mailings on behalf of other organizations. Exceptions shall be those required by law, requested in grant applications or in connection with bank credit or debit card transactions that may be made without prior knowledge or consent of the donor. The Society does acknowledge donors by name and/or description of sponsorship, after the donors have given their permission, in certain printed material such as magazines, brochures, press releases, event invitations or programs, solicitation letters, the organization’s website or other means of expressing appreciation for the donors’ assistance. A donor wishing to view samples of these publications may do so by contacting the Society office.

The Society will use contact information (email, telephone numbers, and address) of donors for these purposes only:

• Distribute receipts for donations
• Thank donors for their donation
• Inform donors about upcoming events and activities at the Aquariums
• Internal analysis and record keeping
• Reporting to relevant U.S. and State revenue agencies (these reports are not for public inspection)
• Contact donors about changes to this policy

A donor’s photograph will not be used at any time or in any Society publication or website without the donor’s consent. In the case of a minor, written permission will be obtained from the parent/guardian.

Financial Information

Society staff and volunteers assume that all donations may
be publicly announced unless the donor explicitly indicates otherwise. Public announcements of gifts from donors will not include the dollar value of the gift, unless this is done with the expressed permission and in interest of the donor. However, anonymous donor information may be used by the Society for its promotional and fundraising activities.

All access to donor financial information is strictly limited to
professional staff who need to process those data. No such data are
given to any person, organization or group who does not need to access
those data.

The Society only uses online payment processing services with world
class security and strong reputations. The Society does not store, nor
does it have access to, your credit card information, bank account
numbers, or other account data sent to those processing services.

Contact Us

If you have questions about this Donor Privacy Policy or if you wish
to be removed from our e-mail/postal contact lists, then please email or write to:

North Carolina Aquarium Society
3125 Poplarwood Ct Suite 160
Raleigh NC 27604