Roanoke Island Weddings and Rehearsal Parties

Rent the Aquarium and add life to your special day!

The North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island is a truly unique Outer Banks venue that tantalizes the imagination and creates an unforgettable experience. Imagine your wedding ceremony on our 200’ Soundside Pier and gazebo overlooking the Croatan Sound featuring gorgeous sunsets. Imagine your guests enjoying cocktails while exploring our galleries: the Seven Rivers (fish, reptiles and baby alligators of seven local freshwater rivers); Wild Wetlands on the Edge (alligators, turtles and otters); Sea Turtle Assistance Rescue (rehabilitate an injured turtle ((replica)) and release it back to its ocean habitat); Sea Treasures (life around wrecks & reefs); Sea Senses Touch Tanks (stingrays and invertebrates). Imagine dinner set in front of our 285,000-gallon Graveyard of the Atlantic exhibit featuring the largest collection of sharks in North Carolina. Imagine dancing in our Delicate Drifters Gallery while surrounded by five sea jelly tanks and three bubble tanks. Experience an unforgettable, magical event at this truly unique Outer Banks venue.

View the Rental Guide & Contract and Aquarium LayoutFor more information, contact our Events Coordinator.

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