Baby Alert! Anoles Hatch in Seven Rivers

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Baby Alert! Anoles Hatch in Seven Rivers

Baby alert! The North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island is welcoming five green anoles which hatched in the aquarium's Seven Rivers gallery. Under the watchful care of aquarium staff, the baby lizards are thriving alongside the two adult anoles already on exhibit.

While adults primarily eat crickets, mealworms and roaches, smaller insects are being offered to the hatchlings, including pinhead crickets and flightless fruit flies, according to aquarist Emily Kolonia.  The hatchlings have also been observed drinking water, which anoles primarily get from the mist on leaves.

Anoles are lizards native to North Carolina and their coloration can range from green to brown. Reproductive behavior like this is an indicator that the anoles are healthy and comfortable in their habitat.   

The animal husbandry team at the NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island is monitoring the progress and health of each hatchling, and it is possible the female has laid more eggs, so staff are also keeping an eye out for more hatchlings.

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