1) How long does it take to tour the Aquarium?

Self-guided tours take approximately 2 hours. If you plan to participate in any programs or events, allow additional time.

2) When is the best time to visit?

Fall and winter months are less crowded, making the off-season an excellent time for a visit.

3) What types of disability access do you have?

All entrances, exits, exhibits and restrooms are wheelchair accessible. A limited number of wheelchairs are available for visitors, as well as complimentary Pocketalker personal amplifiers. Inquire about availability with our visitor services staff.

4) Where do we park?

Large parking areas are provided for visitors. From March through May, many school groups visit and buses often fill parking areas. Parking can also fill to capacity during peak summer months. During these times, and on rainy summer days,
expect to park in the overflow parking lot.

5) Do you allow photography and videotaping at the Aquarium?

Yes, all types of photography are permitted. A tip for taking photos inside the Aquarium is not to aim the camera directly at the exhibit glass. The flash will be reflected by the glass and cause a bright spot in your picture. Instead, position yourself so the camera is at a 45-degree angle to the window.

6) Are food and drink allowed in the Aquarium?

To ensure the health and safety of Aquarium animals, food and drink are not allowed inside the building. Snack and soft drink machines are available outside the Aquarium exit doors. An on-site vendor also offers a variety of food and drink options.

7) Who do I contact if I have lost something at the Aquarium?

Lost and found inquiries can be made to the Visitor Services Coordinator at 252-475-2307. The Aquarium keeps found items for 30 days before donating them to local charities.

8) What type of payment does the Aquarium accept? Is ID required?

The Aquariums accept cash, traveler’s checks, MasterCard and Visa, and identification is required.

9) How do I get there?

The North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island is located off of Airport Rd., approximately 3 miles North of Manteo. The Aquarium is adjacent to the Dare County Regional Airport. For directions from a specific location, call toll free 1-800-832-3474 ext. 4.

10) How do I register for programs?

Program registration is available through the registrar at (252) 475-2314. If the registrar does not answer right away, please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

11) Do you provide strollers? Coat racks?

The Aquarium does not have a coatroom or provide strollers.

12) Can my family get a group rate?

Group rates are for out-of-state school groups and civic organizations only.

13) How do I find out what activities are going on during the time I will be visiting?

Check the “calendar of events” on the Aquarium’s website. The calendar gives a daily listing of all activities. If you have  questions, please call (252) 475-2300.

14) When do you feed the sharks?

Shark feedings take place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday; however, public viewing is available only during the Special Activities program, “Shark Bites.”  To register for a Special Activities program or behind-the-scenes tour, or for more information, please call the registrar at (252) 475-2314.

15) I’m planning a school group visit. How do I register and pay, and what is the policy regarding chaperones, etc.?

School group reservations should be made at least two weeks in advance with our Aquarium registrar at (252) 475-2314. Registered NC students and school personnel are admitted free. All non-staff chaperones are admitted at half the regular admission fee. Registered out-of-state school groups  receive a 15% discount on standard admission fees. Group payments are expected at the time of arrival and in the form a single transaction. All group members must check in with our admission staff and enter together to qualify for group discounts.

16) Are pets allowed in the Aquarium?

Pets are not allowed in the Aquarium in order to ensure the health and safety of our animals. Also, the Aquarium discourages leaving pets in vehicles. Area weather is frequently hot and humid and can be dangerous to pets left unattended.