Volunteers are an essential part of the staff at the NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island. Volunteering at the Aquarium is not only fun, but also vital for the Aquarium to achieve its mission: Inspiring appreciation and conservation of North Carolina’s aquatic environments. Whether you’d like to learn more about local wildlife, hone your diving skills, or simply contribute to the community the Aquarium’s volunteer program has something for you!

Volunteers are typically asked to contribute a minimum 2-4 hours per week for a minimum of one year, though seasonal opportunities and flexible scheduling are possible. All training and materials are provided. Applicants must be hard working, reliable and customer-service oriented. Opportunities are available in exhibit interpretation, special events, outreach programs and horticulture.  If you are a teen between the ages of 14 and 18, check out Volunteen Week.

For more information about the volunteer program, please email Kate.Davison@ncaquariums.com or call 252-475-2308

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Volunteer Diving Opportunities

The NCARI Dive Team is looking for divers willing to give a few hours per week for at least one year to dive in our largest exhibit, the 285,000 gallon Graveyard of the Atlantic. Applicants must have an open-water certification (60ft minimum depth) from a nationally recognized organization, complete a physical examination with a doctor, and obtain dive accident insurance.

Volunteer Diving Benefits are awesome! They include:

  • Free advanced training, such as
    • CPR certification
    • Hookah diving
    • Full-face mask diving
  • Local marine environment training
  • Diving in the Graveyard of the Atlantic aquarium (a $195/dive value)
  • Free admission to the Roanoke Island Aquarium
  • Gift Shop discount (25%) and 5 complimentary guest passes (upon reaching 25 hours of service)
  • Free NC Aquarium Society family membership with full benefits after completing 100 hours
  • Enhance your diving skills, make new friends, and contribute to a great cause!

All equipment is provided. A Junior Diver program is available during the school year for local students aged 16-17 who are able to meet the requirements listed above.

To learn more about the volunteer dive program, or to apply, please email Patrick.Murphy@ncaquariums.com or call at (252)475-2333.

View the current volunteer diver calendar.

Unpaid Internships

Unpaid Internships allow qualified students to explore their interests and gain practical work experience. Unpaid Internships are available throughout the year to interested students and recent graduates over 18 years of age who are seeking practical work experience. Multiple Internships may be available in each department; each department has specific needs and requirements. Qualified individuals are assigned to specific projects working alongside experienced Aquarium staff. The intern will gain real experience and get the opportunity to find out how the aquarium industry really works, and learn what it takes to be successful in that field. You will also be able to get valuable references for your résumé and future job applications.

Interns are an integral part of our staff and assist with all aspects of aquarium operations. Unpaid Internships, although without financial compensation, are real jobs with duties and responsibilities that are assigned and evaluated. Prior knowledge is not necessarily required. All Interns are expected to commit to a regular schedule each week, for a specific amount of time. Schedules are agreed upon in advance and flexible to some extent, depending on the supervising department.

Click here for job descriptions.

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