Unpaid Internships

Job Descriptions

Dive Operations Interns will work with the Dive Operations team to run the program and maintain a diverse collection of animals in tanks for public display at the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island. Interns are trained through the NCARI Dive Program American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS) Scientific Dive program, with the objective of completing their internship as an Aquarium Scientific Diver for the North Carolina Aquariums. This internship is for applicants who are interested in overall aquarium operations and/or managing a dive safety program at an aquarium, university, or research facility. Click here for Dive Operations Intern Requirements.

Education Interns assist education staff with a variety of programs for the public. In addition to improving presentation skills, these interns may assist with program development to add to the department’s selection of offerings. Other opportunities include exhibit interpreters for the Touch Tank and other Exhibits, small group tour guides, discovery carts, presentations, and classroom activities. Education interns must be willing and able to relate to the public and have a tolerance for large groups. Excellent customer service skills are a must. Click here for Education Intern Requirements.

Exhibits Interns assist staff with Aquarium designs and graphics. These opportunities may include facilitating and coordinating projects involving exhibits, interior design, exterior projects, signage, the appearance of public spaces, archiving historic materials, data entry, and short term and long range planning. Design interns must be prepared to bring new and creative ideas with them that will benefit the Aquarium. Click here for Exhibits Intern Requirements

Horticulture Interns assist with plant care. This includes planting, watering, mulching, fertilizing, inspecting, identifying and labeling different species, controlling pests, and more. Horticulture interns must be willing to learn about plants; a basic knowledge of plants and plant care are helpful, but not required. Click here for Horticulture Intern Requirements.

Husbandry Interns are instrumental in the general maintenance of both freshwater and saltwater exhibits. They are responsible for animal welfare, assisting aquarists with tasks such as diet preparation, feeding animals, cleaning tanks, and monitoring water conditions. Other duties may include performing routine water changes, maintenance of back-up areas, record keeping and data entry. Click here for Husbandry Intern Requirements.

Special Activities Interns, throughout the fall and winter, assist in the creation, design, and preparation of fun, educational programs. Interns work behind the scenes at the Aquarium, focusing on creating and taking part in the planning of hands-on, experiential, educational and outdoor courses and curriculum. In the summer, Special Activities Interns execute the programs they have been working on throughout the fall and winter. They teach pre-approved curriculum, facilitate teambuilding, and conduct indoor and outdoor activities through programs such as summer camps, kayak eco-tours, beach ecology trips, marsh explorations, animal feeding programs, themed birthday parties, and overnight stays at the Aquarium. Click here for Special Activities Intern Requirements.

Visitors’ Services Interns will work with the Admissions and Visitors’ Services staff to provide a top quality experience to our guests. The intern will learn about guest satisfaction at an aquarium that houses live animals such as river otters, the largest shark collection in North Carolina, and endangered sea turtles. Most importantly, the intern will gain valuable exposure to operational management of a public attraction. This internship is designed for applicants who have an interest in communications, marketing, business, guest services, or park management. Click here for Visitors’ Services Intern Requirements.

How to Apply for an Unpaid Internship

If you have any questions regarding our unpaid internship program, to inquire about a specific internship position, or would like to obtain an application, please contact the Volunteer Services Coordinator at Kate.Davison@ncaquariums.com or call (252) 475-2308. You must be at least 18 years old to apply for any of our Unpaid Internship positions.

Once you receive your application, you will need to send your application materials, along with a cover letter and résumé to the following address:

Volunteer Services Coordinator
NC Aquarium on Roanoke Island
374 Airport Road, P.O. Box 967
Manteo, NC 27954

Download the Internship Application here