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The North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores is hosting world-renowned shark photographer Tanya Houppermans' exhibit, North Carolina Sand Tiger Sharks. This show features stunning images of sand tiger sharks swimming our local wrecks. Each large photo is printed on aluminum and is on exhibit in the Spadefish Gallery. Houppermans left the corporate world behind in 2015 to become a full-time underwater photographer and ocean conservationist. She is best known for her images depicting the grace and beauty of sharks. Houppermans, is an aquarium partner for Spot A Shark USA, a citizen science program and has won numerous awards for her photography. 

She has been the recipient of numerous international photography awards including three First Place awards in the World Shootout, First Place in the Portrait category in the Underwater Photographer of the Year competition, and the Grand Prize in the California Academy of Sciences Big Picture Natural World Photography Competition. In 2016 Tanya was inducted into the prestigious Ocean Artists Society for her efforts in using her images to promote marine conservation. Her articles and images have appeared in digital and print publications in over 20 countries.

Tanya began diving the waters off of North Carolina shortly after earning her scuba certification in 2009 and quickly fell in love with the Graveyard of the Atlantic. While she always enjoyed seeing the many shipwrecks lining the Carolina coast, it was the resident sand tiger sharks that changed her life.

“Diving with the sand tigers piqued my interest in sharks, which then led to my becoming involved in shark conservation after learning that humans kill over 70 million sharks worldwide every year. I still felt that I could do more, so I decided to start photographing sharks in the hopes that my images might inspire the public to care about them,” Tanya said.

Her show will be at the aquarium now through September 2019.

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