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Habitat Loss Remains a Threat to American Alligators

Do you have a favorite float? Our horticulture team built a floating wetland with hibiscus and other native plants—it has quickly become a favorite for this 3-foot American alligator. This initiative to introduce more native plants to the wetlands provides cover for native animals and protects fish from predators. Plants also serve as a natural filter for the water. While, we wish all alligators could be free to float and bask in the sun, this species is negatively impacted by several factors.

Alligator Things to Know
  • The American alligator was once threated with extinction because of habitat loss and overhunting, and was one of the first species added to the Endangered Species List.
  • An apex predator, alligators play a vital role in their ecosystem by keeping food chains and animal populations in balance. They feed on sick, injured or weak prey first. 
  • Alligators extend protection to species that share a habitat in times of drought by digging "gator holes" to draw groundwater.
  • Their habitats are being encroached, build over and polluted. They end up displaced, injured or can die. 
Take Action Today
  • Communities and individuals can preserve and protect alligator habitats by picking up trash that can end up in our waterways.
  • Do not feed alligators or any wild animals.  
  • Use reusable items instead of single-use plastic to reduce the amount of trash in our landfills. 
  • Purchase environmentally sustainable products for cleaning and landscaping to reduce water pollution.
  • Partner with us to advocate for the protection of wetland habitats where these animals can live safely. 



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