Otter Pup Journey


Children watching otter enrichment at the Aquarium

Day 18 Otter Pup Journey

Three otterly adorable Asian small-clawed otter pups born on Saturday May 21, continue to grow and gain weight. They weighed the equivalent of two slices of bread when they were born, so it has been heartening for our team to witness Leia and Quincy succeed as first-time parents. They remain behind the scenes with their parents.

  • Otter pups are dependent on their parents to eat and learn otter skills.
  • Leia and Quincy need a safe and restful space to succeed as first-time parents.
  • Support for the new family is limited to the Aquarium veterinary and otter teams, only when necessary.

In the meantime, we enjoy sharing the images that the otter team captures when they go in for a wellness check. Find out more about Leia and Quincy and their pups at Welcome Otter Pups

Posted by Dey Rossell at 11:30 AM
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