Otter Pups Emerge


Children watching otter enrichment at the Aquarium

Otter Pups Emerge

Pup hugToday, the three Asian small-clawed otter pups are three months old, and they're exploring their space. Never straying too far from mom and dad, Leia and Quincy, the trio of fantastic females are trying out new things, swimming in the pool and playing with pup-proof objects in the public habitat. Some lucky visitors have had an opportunity to enjoy their fun and frolicking nature. Being pups, sometimes they retreat to the den for a nap. Please reserve your tickets to the Aquarium in advance as sellouts happen during the busy summer season and especially on holidays. Reserve today by visiting Admissions.
Gentle reminder, we are still counting votes for the names of the pups. Please vote online!


Name the Otter Pups


Posted by Dey Rossell at 6:00 AM
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