Meet Boone

Boone was born in human care at another AZA-accredited facility, the Cincinnati Zoo in 2019. He arrived at the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores in 2020 during our temporary closure due to COVID-19. Because skunks are susceptible to COVID-19, only a limited number of staff were allowed to work with Boone and he was kept away from the public. 

Now, because our Aquarium Veterinary Team has deemed it safe for Boone to be introduced to the public in an outdoor setting, the animal care team will begin working with Boone in a public area.

As the weather starts to cool off, his care team will introduce Boone to our guests on the marsh boardwalk. He’ll get acclimated to the area in the mornings when it’s cool. These sessions will be at unscheduled times, but the team is working towards hosting ambassador animal education presentations with Boone.


Boone receives enrichment activities from his care team daily and we’re excited to be able to share the images and videos that have been taken since his arrival. Enrichment is an activity that stimulates an animal’s natural behaviors and is essential for their physical and mental well-being.

For Boone, this includes activities that allow him to forage, dig, and burrow. Striped skunks have long claws that make them good at digging. They are also good at swimming.



Fun Facts

-There are four species of skunk in the world, striped, hooded, hog-nosed, and spotted. They are located in North America and South America. North Carolina has spotted skunks and striped skunks. Spotted are found in the mountains of North Carolina and stripped skunks can be found across the state. 

-Stripped skunks can live in woods, brushy areas, and open fields. They spend most of their days in dens they have dug. They hunt mostly at night and early morning.

-Skunks don’t hibernate during the winter but they do become dormant and spend most of the winter in their den. 

-They are omnivores and eat reptile eggs, small rodents, insects, berries, acorns, and vegetable matter. 


More Information

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Photos and Videos


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