Femme in Stem

Young girl in front of microscope

call for exhibitors

2023 Femme in stem

Saturday, Sept. 16
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher

All Stem Fields are Welcome

Join us an exhibitor to showcase women in science with your hands-on activity to engage Aquarium visitors and inspire the next generation of female scientists.  

Formerly Women in Science, this event continues to be a favorite for both exhibitors and visitors. In 2022, sixteen organizations participated with 70 individual exhibitors engaging with 2,100 visitors at the  Aquarium for the event. Many attendees told us they made special plans to visit for the event.

We started the event in 2019 with an in-person showing but then switched to a virtual/digital platform for 2020 and 2021. 

For the Aquarium, it is important for young girls to see someone like themselves in STEM fields. Research shows that starting around middle school, girls start losing interest in science and other STEM subjects. We wanted to show the variety of STEM fields that are open for career paths and have our visitors interact with people working in those fields.

Sparking an interest in the world around us and how we study and learn more about that world is a main goal of the Femme in Stem event. The Aquarium team hopes more people and minds pursue STEM fields to help solve complex issues in our environment.

We are all about saving species at the Aquarium and the people who are doing that work are in STEM.

Femme in Stem is also a celebration of women. Many exhibitors commented that it was so nice to see so many women peers and colleagues out for the day. Some even mentioned that they are the only woman in their department, and it was a nice reminder that other women are in STEM and we need more of them.

Deadline to Submit Application

Friday, Sept. 8 




FEMME in STEM Green Expectations

The Aquarium is a green facility with volunteers and staff working together to reduce single-use plastic. Some green reminders as you begin planning your exhibit and participation in FEMME in STEM:

  • Please do not hand out single-use plastic giveaways.
  • Please bring your own reusable water bottle to the Aquarium. We have refill stations onsite.
  • As much as possible, please carpool to the Aquarium. 
  • Please bring reusable totes and bags. 

We look forward to your interactive and engaging exhibit!