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Bring the beach within reach

We come to you with live animals, games and hands-on learning. Aquarium educators deliver engaging programs designed to thrill all ages and customized to fit the needs of your group or event. Perfect for a classroom, retirement home, festival and much more.

Take a look at our Outreach programs:
Available as a virtual Experience:

Living Seashells: Every seashell has a story. Find out how they’re made and who once lived in these seaside treasures.
Fantastic Fish: 
Learn the characteristics of fish and uncover the facts about these fantastic animals.
Jellies: Discover the simple yet fascinating world of jellyfish and meet live jellies up close.
Sea Turtle 911: Discover the threats to endangered and threatened sea turtles and learn how the Aquarium is helping to protect them
Aquarium Life Cycles: Learn about the life cycles of Aquarium animals and meet a few up close.
Changing Oceans: Find the cause of ocean acidification and see its effects on ocean inhabitants.
Amazing Amphibians:
 Learn the unique role of frogs, toads and salamanders in our ecosystems.
Nature Neighbors:
 Discover your wild neighbors of eastern North Carolina and meet a few of them.
Scaly Survivors: Meet a few of our aquarium reptiles and learn how they’ve survived since the time of the dinosaurs.
Frog Songs: Meet a few native frog and toad species and try identifying them by their calls.
Turtle Time:
 Join us to examine the lives of turtles from land, freshwater, and the sea.
Amazing Alligators: 
Discover one of North Carolina's largest and most important predators.
Sea Moons: Learn about a sea turtle's journey and get up close with one of its favorite foods - the moon jelly!
Virtual Aquarium Tour: Connect with an Aquarium Educator to get a private virtual tour of the Aquarium.
Animal Cameo: Liven up meetings, events, or parties with a cameo brief from a live aquarium animal ambassador.

Available only in-person:

Hermit Crab's Friends: Learn how friends can help one another from hermit crabs, sea stars, sea urchins, and sea snails.
Invertebrate Interview:
Discover the hidden secrets of marine invertebrates with the power of observation
Ocean Rx: Meet just a few of the ocean animals that help keep us healthy.
Habitat Fixer Uppers: Are our wetlands healthy? Learn to care for wetland habitats while meeting some of the animals that call them home.
Wild Wetlands: Meet North Carolina wetland inhabitants and discover how we are connected to them.
Festivals and Booths: Have an interactive animal booth at your festival or fair.
Traveling Touch Pool Van: Have the Aquarium's traveling touch pool van bring marine invertebrates to your festival or fair.

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North Carolina Teachers

We offer a full suite of programs specifically designed to align with NC Essential Standard of Science. For more information on how our programs fit your curriculum needs, please contact us below.

For more information, questions, a full list of programs or to discuss topics to best suit your group's interests and needs, please contact the Outreach Coordinator at [email protected] or (910) 772-0509.

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