Jennette's Pier Exhibits

Jennette's Pier Exhibits

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inside the pieR HOUSE


Be sure to check out our newest exhibit, Life on the Ledge, located in the pier house gallery. This 3,000 gallon aquarium features a custom background that represents an underwater coquina rock shelf. The vertical aquarium provides a home to eels and fish thanks to Twiddy & Company of Duck who sponsored the exhibit.

life under the pier

Submerge yourself in the watery world found beneath Jennette's Pier by peering into the Pier Piling Aquarium. In addition to the multi-colored piling replica, a variety of species that can be found swimming under the Pier are on display including sheepshead, trigger fish and more. An interactive fish identification screen helps teach visitors the names of the different fish.

LIFE in a drop of water

Have you ever wondered what microscopic life forms live in a drop of ocean water? This new exhibit explains everything about it! From phytoplankton to zooplankton, this interactive exhibit features the many different types of tiny organism that you can't see with the naked eye. With the help of a giant touch screen, learn to identify and pronounce the names of various species.


The Pier’s unique oceanfront setting makes it a prime location for scientific data collection and unique research projects.  Our partners at the East Carolina University's Integrated Coastal Programs (ECU - ICP) and the Coastal Studies Institute (CSI) collaborate with researchers from around the world to study the feasibility of creating renewable energy from the power of the ocean.  To understand the nearshore environment these scientists continuously observe ocean and atmospheric conditions with highly specialized instruments deployed from the end of Jennette's Pier. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology we are able to immediately share that information with you via the Research Center located in the lobby or on our Current Conditions page.



The panoramic views may immediately stop you in your tracks, but don’t let that keep you from exploring further.  From every vantage point along the Pier you gain a new perspective on this unique environment and we provide you the opportunity to learn even more.  As you stroll down the deck you will pass fascinating exhibits on marine mammals and shore birds, wind turbines, surfing, ocean processes and Outer Banks fishing that are both helpful and informative.


From the moment you step onto the property there is something unique to grab your attention.  Bronze plaques scattered about highlight the hidden means of conservation we employ every day from our reclaimed water treatment plant to our storm-water retention system under the parking lot to the use of geothermal wells for our heating and cooling needs.  However, the most popular stop on your way into the pier house is the History of Jennette’s Pier located at the top of the entrance ramp.  Here you can find out how the oldest fishing pier in the Outer Banks set the standard beginning in 1939.

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