Pier Rules

Jennette's Pier Pier Rules


  • By state law no firearms allowed.
  • No pets allowed in the pier house or on the pier.
  • Rod limit: two per angler; three for pin-rig fishing.
  • No balloons or fireworks of any type are allowed on the pier property.
  • No bicycles or skateboards on pier deck (bike racks are provided at bottom of each ramp).
  • No spearfishing under the pier per Nags Head Town ordinance.

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UPDATED 04.10.19

  • You must purchase a wristband to fish a live bait setup. 
  • You are allowed one (1) live bait setup and one (1) other rod per person. Additional rods are $7 each and must be tagged at the counter.
  • No BUCKTAILS on the flare end.
  • No sight-casting into the live baits.
  • Pin-rigs must always be monitored.
  • Pin-rig fishing until 8 p.m. only.
  • No bottom-fishing beyond the green line before 8 p.m.
  • Braided line prohibited on the first 100 yards of fighting or anchor rod.
  • Bait buckets may only be hung from the flare end behind the green line.
  • Balloons are prohibited!  In-line floats that are retrieved are allowed.
  • All baits must be launched from the pier. 
  • Chumming, fish oil slicks and shark-fishing are prohibited. 
  • When an angler is engaged in fighting a fish you must have a wristband to cross beyond the green line.
  • Benches are for sitting.  Please place coolers, tackle boxes, etc. on the deck and behind the green line.
  • Do not harm or kill skates and rays that you are not keeping.
  • This is a family pier.  Please keep it clean and be respectful and courteous to all other guests.

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