Jennette's Pier Tackle Shop

Get. rigged. up.

Jennette's Pier tackle shop offers everything you need to go pier fishing. From rod and reel combinations to bottom tackle to tools such as pliers, we have it all. There are Got - Cha plugs in every color of the rainbow, bottom rigs, weights, Eagle Claw hooks and other tackle.

We sell ready rigs for targeting bottom fish, bluefish, drum, flounder and striped bass. There's a variety lead heads, Sabiki rigs and Fishbites in different colors. Wire leaders, swivels and more are also available. Bait options include live blood worms and frozen finger mullet, shrimp, squid.

Forget some gear? We have plenty of different types of hats, T-shirts, hooded sweat shirts, gloves, sun screen and sun glasses.

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