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Meet Bart, Willis, and Achilles

Two types of vultures can be found in North Carolina, black vultures, and turkey vultures. The Aquarium cares for two female black vultures, named Bart and Willis, and one male turkey vulture named Achilles. All three of the vultures imprinted on humans at a young age. This means they never learned how to act like vultures or how to take care of themselves. Imprinting is a mental injury that makes it impossible for these birds to survive in the wild since they have to rely on... Read More
Posted by Shannon Kemp at Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Meet Ray and Charlie

The two brown pelicans in our care, that we call Charlie and Ray, are both female. They both have neuroligical conditions that make it impossible to survive on their own in the wild.   The brown pelican is a great example of an endangered species recovery success story. In the early 1960s and 1970s brown pelicans nearly vanished. A pesticide that was widely used was making pelican egg shells very thin. Pelicans incubate their eggs by using their feet to keep the eggs warm -... Read More

Meet the Eastern Screech Owls

Meet the Eastern Screech Owls Red-Phase and Grey-phase Eastern screech owls are the smallest resident owls in North Carolina. They are widespread and common throughout Eastern North America. An adult screech owl is about 8.5 inches in length and wingspan is about 21 inches.   They rely on healthy forests where they nest in holes in trees such as old woodpecker holes and natural tree cavities. They roost during the day and hunt mostly at night but they often hunt at dusk and... Read More

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