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Meet the Eastern Screech Owls

Meet the Eastern Screech Owls Red-Phase and Grey-phase Eastern screech owls are the smallest resident owls in North Carolina. They are widespread and common throughout Eastern North America. An adult screech owl is about 8.5 inches in length and wingspan is about 21 inches.   They rely on healthy forests where they nest in holes in trees such as old woodpecker holes and natural tree cavities. They roost during the day and hunt mostly at night but they often hunt at dusk and... Read More

Meet Nimbus

Meet Nimbus White Loggerhead Sea Turtle Nimbus is a white loggerhead sea turtle. Nimbus has a skin mutation that makes him white, instead of the brownish color of a typical loggerhead sea turtle. The lack of color, or melanin, makes Nimbus more susceptible to sunburn and even skin cancer! Lack of melanin often causes vision problems because eyes do not develop correctly without it. Nimbus has limited vision and was found to be blind in one eye. Nimbus was also... Read More

Meet Eno

Meet Eno North American River Otter Eno is one of three North American river otters in our care. Eno turned 9-years-old at the end of March 2017. He was brought to the Aquarium in the spring of 2008 when he was a month old, after his mother was killed by a car. Aquarium staff cared for the orphaned infant round-the-clock, and taught him how to swim and eat fish. Eno currently weights about 18 pounds. The otters weight changes throughout the year. Even though he is... Read More

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